The President's Club Toolkit

Want to get better on the phones? Filter to every prospecting drip, script, or template we've ever dropped. That's right, if you already loved hearing Nick's voice on the show, you can READ it now too!

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Danilo Capric’s Hypothesis Driven Disco Call Framework

Level up your sales call structure with the Hypothesis Driven Disco Call Framework!

30MPC's ChatGPT Prompt Sheet

Elevate your email game and learn how to craft precise and effective sales emails with ChatGPT.

Horribly Opposed: 30MPC’s Cold Email Robot

Our AI-powered tool to help you write cold emails.

Boomerang: Tactics for Peak Productivity

Three plays to optimize your sales process.

Woodpecker: Nick’s Sales Cadence

Build an effective sales cadence to reach your prospects with the right time, channel, & messaging.

Calendly: Templates & Scripts for Every Sales Meeting

Best practices to keep you ahead of your key meetings throughout the sales cycle.

Lavender: LavenderLand

Enter LavenderLand

Demandbase: 6 Templates to Accelerate Deals

Data-centric resources to fill pipeline, accelerate deals, and win them.

Clari: How to Sell to the CFO

Three tools you need to win the sale with the CFO. All tactics, no fluff.

JBay’s Multithreading Masterclass

Unlock the power of multithreading and close deals with confidence!

Gong: Masterclass

Take your sales skills to the next level with this masterclass series.

Sonny Round's ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

Revolutionize your sales approach with cutting-edge AI technology!

Morgan Ingram’s Cold Call Script

Transform your cold calling game with this impactful strategy.

Lavender: Sales Email Frameworks

Frameworks for every step of your sales process with Lavender

Owler: 4 Multi-Channel Prospecting Touchpoints

First touch templates to maximize outreach and close more deals with Owler.

Orum: 5 Cold Call Objection Talk Tracks

Easy to apply talk track templates with Orum.

ZoomInfo: 5 Plays, 30MPC Style

Trigger-based email templates for every stage in the sales cycle with ZoomInfo.

Kyle Asay's Executive Multithreading & Agenda Emails

Killer sales frameworks to get you in front of executives.

Vin Matano’s 5 Emails from Prospecting to Close

Use these customizable email templates for every stage in your sales cycle.

Sam Nelson’s Agoge Sequence

Use this 15-touch sequence to drive your response rates through the roof.