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Gong: 2024 Masterclass

How to build an onboarding program as a leader, and how to hit the ground running as a rep.

Aligned: Buyer Enablement Templates

See how we use Mutual Action Plans, Business Cases, and Deal Rooms to fight buyer indecision.

Boomerang: 3 Tactics to Drive Mid-Funnel Deals to Close

Three plays to optimize your sales process.

KD’s Deal Management Checklist

Use this checklist to focus on key areas during your pipeline review to keep deals on track.

Demandbase: Six Question Frameworks To Uncover Hidden Deal Killers (For Sellers and Managers)

We’re breaking down 6 question frameworks you can ask to suss out hidden deal killers.

6sense: 6 Ways to Personalize Sales Emails at Scale

Steal these 6 trigger email templates and start personalizing at scale.

Superhuman: How to write the perfect sales recap email (template included)

Three steps to crafting the perfect recap email.

18 Objections and Scripts for Each

Scripts for the 18 most common objections you’ll get on a cold call and how to handle them.

Xactly: Forecasting 101: How to call your number based on deal-by-deal risk

Forecasting step-by-step so you can stop going off of gut and create a repeatable process.

Influ2: 9 Ways to Humanize Your Outreach

We’re breaking down 3 categories with 3 tactics each on how to humanize your outreach.

RocketReach: 8 Ways to Triple Your Phone Connects and Email Opens

Learn eight ways to triple phone connects and email opens to reach in-market customers.

Luke Floyd’s Territory Teardown Sheet

Drop all your new accounts in the sheet. Lay the groundwork for your plan.

Pipedrive: 5 Deal Cheat Codes to Cut Your Sales Cycle in Half

Use these pipeline-driving tactics to fast-track your deals today.

How to Book Meetings on LinkedIn by Charlotte Johnson

Learn Charly Johnson's simple strategy she uses to stand out and get replies amid the chaos.

Kyle Coleman's Metrics to Quota Calculator

Punch in your quota, hit the magic button, and get a personalized roadmap to quota success.

30MPC Book on Cold Calling

Sign up for early access and a free copy of the introduction today!

30MPC’s Forecasting Guide

5 easy stages to use with your team to land your forecast every time.

Otter.ai: The Ultimate Discovery Checklist

The ultimate checklist for more effective discovery calls.

Kyle Asay's Sales Coaching Competencies

Get access to what competencies you should be focused on with your reps to make them better sellers.

Leadership Playbook: Sales Stages & Deal Review Guide

Everything you need to think about to nail a pipeline review meeting.

Jason Bay’s Cold Calling Framework

A step-by-step framework to help you increase your cold calling success rate to 30%.

How To Close Deals Using The Golden Path

Everything you need to start a deal at power, win over the key department leads, and drive it home.

30MPC's Floor Hunting Template

Boost your live event outcomes and forge lasting connections with our step-by-step plan.

Klue: Dismantling Competitors

Identify competition, locate your winning zone, ask trap questions + compliment competitors.

Josh Braun’s Tongue-Tied Objection Flashcards

Prospect confidently, no matter the challenge with Josh Braun's objection flashcards.

Danilo Capric’s Hypothesis Driven Disco Call Framework

Level up your sales call structure with the Hypothesis Driven Disco Call Framework!

30MPC's ChatGPT Prompt Sheet

Elevate your email game and learn how to craft precise and effective sales emails with ChatGPT.

Woodpecker: Nick’s Sales Cadence

Build an effective sales cadence to reach your prospects with the right time, channel, & messaging.

JBay’s Multithreading Masterclass

Unlock the power of multithreading and close deals with confidence!

Sonny Round's ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

Revolutionize your sales approach with cutting-edge AI technology!

Morgan Ingram’s Cold Call Script

Transform your cold calling game with this impactful strategy.

Orum: 5 Cold Call Objection Talk Tracks

Easy to apply talk track templates with Orum.

ZoomInfo: 5 Plays, 30MPC Style

Trigger-based email templates for every stage in the sales cycle with ZoomInfo.

Kyle Asay's Executive Multithreading & Agenda Emails

Killer sales frameworks to get you in front of executives.

Vin Matano’s 5 Emails from Prospecting to Close

Use these customizable email templates for every stage in your sales cycle.

Sam Nelson’s Agoge Sequence

Use this 15-touch sequence to drive your response rates through the roof.

Outreach: 1 Sequence to Create and 5 Templates to Close

We partnered with Outreach to deliver a toolkit that gives you everything you need to

Luke Floyd’s Recap Email Templates

Use these free templates to sum up calls and keep the conversation going.

Anthony Natoli’s 3-Step Email Nugget Framework

Use these emails to get closer to President’s Club, one bomb email at a time.

Kevin “KD” Dorsey’s “Did I” Checklist Manifesto

Use this checklist to move closer to your goals each and every day, without missing a step.

Liam Mulcahy’s Account Planning Sheet

Steal this sheet and plot out your plan to take down big accounts.

30MPC Big Demo Deck and Template

Your key to nailing big team meetings and keeping the deal train moving.

Sarah Brazier’s Cold Call Script and Template

Use this guide to prep for and carry out successful cold calls.

Charly Johnson's Cold Outbound Campaign

Use this multi-channel cadence template that includes email, call, LinkedIn, and video messaging.

30MPC's Cold Calling Battlecard

Get instant access to our exclusive cold calling battlecard so you can get hung up on 5x more times!