The President's Club Toolkit: From podcasts to webinars to cold calling battlecards.

Want to get better on the phones? Filter to every prospecting podcast, webinar, or battlecard we've ever dropped. That's right, if you already loved hearing Nick's voice on the show, you can READ it now too!



Hyper-Persuasive Email Templates

Hyper-Persuasive Email Templates with Gong

How to Write an Email Subject Line that Actually Gets Opened

Fact: If your sales email doesn’t even get opened, you’re probably not booking a meeting.

Pre-Meeting Prep Template

Pre-Meeting Prep Template with Dooly

FREE sales books

Like free stuff? We’re literally giving away free sales books with Postal.

200 FREE job-change qualified leads

People who have used your product before are pretty darn likely to buy it again.

Proposal Template

Proposal Template with PandaDoc

Mutual Action Plan Template

Mutual Action Plan Template with Accord

Cold Email Substance + Deliverability Guide

Make sure your email lands in the top of your prospect's inbox.

Live Cold Call Reviews

We’re going back to the lab for another live cold call teardown.

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