The President's Club Toolkit: From podcasts to webinars to cold calling battlecards.

Want to get better on the phones? Filter to every prospecting podcast, webinar, or battlecard we've ever dropped. That's right, if you already loved hearing Nick's voice on the show, you can READ it now too!



Live Discovery Tape Teardown

We’re watching YOUR discovery tapes and improving them LIVE.

Luke Floyd’s Recap Email Templates

Use these free templates to sum up calls and keep the conversation going.

Anthony Natoli’s 3-Step Email Nugget Framework

Use these emails to get closer to President’s Club, one bomb email at a time.

Live Cold Call Reviews

Listen to 3 cold call recordings from the audience and watch us make them better.

Kevin “KD” Dorsey’s “Did I” Checklist Manifesto

Use this checklist to move closer to your goals each and every day, without missing a step.

Liam Mulcahy’s Account Planning Sheet

Steal this sheet and plot out your plan to take down big accounts.

30MPC Big Demo Deck and Template

Your key to nailing big team meetings and keeping the deal train moving.

Live Email Objection Handling

Give us an email objection and we’ll show you how to overcome it, no matter what it is.

Multithreading Playbook & Free Relationship Mapping Tool

Multithreading Playbook & Free Relationship Mapping Tool with Prolifiq

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