The President's Club Toolkit: From podcasts to webinars to cold calling battlecards.

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Want to get better on the phones? Filter to every prospecting podcast, webinar, or battlecard we've ever dropped. That's right, if you already loved hearing Nick's voice on the show, you can READ it now too!



Live Cold Call Objection Handling

We're taking your cold call objections and showing you how to adapt and overcome - live.

Sonny Round's ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

Revolutionize your sales approach with cutting-edge AI technology!

Copilot's In-App Objection Handling Battling Cards

Make sure your reps have the answers ready & waiting with Copilot's real-time sales battle cards.

Morgan Ingram’s Cold Call Script

Transform your cold calling game with this impactful strategy.

Live Discovery Tape Teardowns

We’re back for another round of live discovery tape teardowns. Broken down and built back up live.

8 Emails Frameworks: Prospecting to Close

Frameworks for every step of your sales process with Lavender

Industry Peer: The 4 Opening Touches

First touch templates to maximize outreach and close more deals with Owler.

5 free cold call objection talk tracks

Easy to apply talk track templates with Orum.

Five ZoomInfo Plays, 30MPC Style

Trigger-based email templates for every stage in the sales cycle with ZoomInfo.

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