The President's Club Toolkit: From podcasts to webinars to cold calling battlecards.

Want to get better on the phones? Filter to every prospecting podcast, webinar, or battlecard we've ever dropped. That's right, if you already loved hearing Nick's voice on the show, you can READ it now too!



Live Negotiation Role-Play

Learn some negotiation best practices AND watch Nick + Armand negotiate with each other.

Live Cold Email Teardown

We’ll be tearing cold emails down and building them back up to help you book some meetings.

Live Cold Call Reviews

We’re going back to the lab for another live cold call teardown.

Live Calendar Teardown

We’re breaking down the sales calendar of an unstoppable sales machine.

Live Cold Call Reviews

Watch us redo your good (or maybe not so good) calls and improve them on the spot.

Charly Johnson's Cold Email Drip Templates

Use this multi-channel cadence template that includes email, call, LinkedIn, and video messaging.

The Live Email Teardown- What Makes a Great Email Work (Round 2!)

This is round 2 of our live series where we rip up cold emails and rewrite them on the spot.

Discovery Part 2: How to Run a Cringe-Free Discovery Call

Learn which questions you should ask - and how to ask them.

Playbook 10: Top 10 moments that change the way we sell

The top 10 episodes and takeaways (so far) that change the way Nick and Armand sell.

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