The President's Club Toolkit

Want to get better on the phones? Filter to every prospecting drip, script, or template we've ever dropped. That's right, if you already loved hearing Nick's voice on the show, you can READ it now too!

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Influ2: 9 Ways to Humanize Your Outreach

We’re breaking down 3 categories with 3 tactics each on how to humanize your outreach.

Qwilr: 5 Proposal "Plays" That Get Buyers to Respond

Nick's strategies to create engaging proposals that drive deals forward.

RocketReach: 8 Ways to Triple Your Phone Connects and Email Opens

Learn eight ways to triple phone connects and email opens to reach in-market customers.

Luke Floyd’s Territory Teardown Sheet

Drop all your new accounts in the sheet. Lay the groundwork for your plan.

Pipedrive: 5 Deal Cheat Codes to Cut Your Sales Cycle in Half

Use these pipeline-driving tactics to fast-track your deals today.

How to Book Meetings on LinkedIn by Charlotte Johnson

Learn Charly Johnson's simple strategy she uses to stand out and get replies amid the chaos.

Kyle Coleman's Metrics to Quota Calculator

Punch in your quota, hit the magic button, and get a personalized roadmap to quota success.

The Book on Cold Calling

Sign up for early access and a free copy of the introduction today!

30MPC’s Forecasting Guide

5 easy stages to use with your team to land your forecast every time.

Superhuman: 6 Ways To Be An Inbox Superhuman

Use Superhuman to tackle your inbox and stay on top of deals.

Qwilr: Sales Proposal Upgrade

Get your proposal upgraded to a compelling web-based template by Qwilr's design studio The Ultimate Discovery Checklist

The ultimate checklist for more effective discovery calls.

Kyle Asay's Sales Coaching Competencies

Get access to what competencies you should be focused on with your reps to make them better sellers.

Leadership Playbook: Sales Stages & Deal Review Guide

Everything you need to think about to nail a pipeline review meeting.

Jason Bay’s Cold Calling Framework

A step-by-step framework to help you increase your cold calling success rate to 30%.

How To Close Deals Using The Golden Path

Everything you need to start a deal at power, win over the key department leads, and drive it home.

Salesloft: Selling to Power

Keys to influencing decision makers to seal the deal.

30MPC's Floor Hunting Template

Boost your live event outcomes and forge lasting connections with our step-by-step plan.

Klue: Dismantling Competitors

Identify competition, locate your winning zone, ask trap questions + compliment competitors.

Josh Braun’s Tongue-Tied Objection Flashcards

Prospect confidently, no matter the challenge with Josh Braun's objection flashcards.