You don’t need a 400 page book or a 3 hour podcast to learn sales.
You put people in cadences all day. Why not get a taste of your own medicine?
We’ll drop new episodes, playbooks, and exclusive tactics with the #30MPC list.
You’ll never get more than 1 email per week unless we get really desperate.

Two moderately entertaining hosts

Two guys who make really bad jokes but sell pretty well

Nick Cegelski

The Resume

#1 rep at every team he’s worked on

Best At

Master of discovery and big deal closing

Known For

Motivating even the marketing team to cold call

Armand Farrokh

The Resume

AE at 225% of Quota > Director of Sales by Age 27

Best At

Unstoppable at prospecting and negotiation

Known For

Posting long, angry sales tactics

Why burn 30 minutes with these two goons?

You’ll be wishing we made longer episodes. Leave your sales calls on a high note, folks.


Not so long that you have another excuse to avoid your cold calls.


We’re not very good at meditation or feng shui. We prefer hitting quota.


Every wasted sentence is cut. Actionable takeaways upfront. Recap at the end.


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