Nick Cegelski
October 20, 2023

Selling right now can feel like navigating a chaotic stormy sea - but there are ways to find peace and focus.

If your sales day feels like mayhem, here are some changes to implement:

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Exhibit A: ChatGPT's interpretation of me trying to navigate the storm

1. Quit being an email junkie

If you're watching your inbox like a hawk, you're never going to get into deep focus mode.

Research has shown that once distracted, it can take almost 25 minutes to return to the original task with the same level of concentration. Now imagine trying to forecast your month while staring at your inbox - good luck with that!

Here are a few changes I've applied to rein in the chaos:

  • Batch check your inbox: Timebox & batch check your email every few hours.
  • Have customers call you: If you're worried customers need you ASAP, train them to call you instead.
  • Communicate your boundaries: Add this message to your email signature:

"In efforts to improve my productivity & focus, I only check email intermittently throughout the day. Need me faster? Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX."

Instead of letting your inbox control your schedule, create parameters that allow you to lock in & focus on your priorities.

2. Do the exact same thing for Slack

Internal messaging is the best way to distract yourself from your actual job.

Don't forget, you only have 2 responsibilities as a seller:

  1. Prospect: Generate new pipeline
  2. Work your deals: Advance the current pipeline

So batch-check your Slack & add the same message to your Slack status.

Don't let random pings dictate how you're going to tackle your responsibilities.

3. REPLY to all unanswered emails by EOD

Most folks want to know their email has been acknowledged & that you plan to reply.

Just like in face-to-face interactions, where a simple nod can let someone know you've heard them, a brief email serves a similar purpose. Assure the sender that their message hasn't been lost in the void or simply ignored.

Even for emails that you can't "finish", consider saying something like:

"Hey Armand, just letting you know I've received this message and I'm working on getting back to you. I plan to have a full response to you by {date}. Let me know if you need something sooner!"

Ease their anxiety and you'll ease yours.

4. Turn your phone to grayscale

Color is a HUGE part of what makes your phone addicting.

Vibrant hues on your phone act as stimuli, releasing dopamine in our brains, which encourages us to keep scrolling, tapping, & engaging. By stripping away all the neuron-stimulating colors on your phone, you are WAY less motivated to check your phone.

So here's the best way to turn your phone to grayscale for both iPhone & Android.

Grayscale TikToks just don't hit the same (and that's a good thing)!

5. Try a three-minute meditation

Find the calm amidst the storm.

Sometimes, the chaos can be simply overwhelming. You've tried all the strategies but nothing seems to be working. Taking a moment to find calm can center us and offer a much-needed respite from the chaos.

I've recently started the 3-Minute Meditation challenge: 1x per day, I start a 3-minute timer on my phone and just sit and do nothing.

It's helped me tremendously, and it may do the same for you.

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