Nick Cegelski
November 3, 2023

Show me a salesperson who doesn’t make mistakes and I’ll show you someone who isn’t going to make it.

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Don't be like this guy

If you’re moving at any appreciable pace and working a full pipeline, small (but fixable) mistakes are going to happen. Consider the following:

  • You accidentally call on someone else's territory & your colleague is slightly annoyed. Give it 3 minutes and they'll get over it.
  • You send a sales email to a prospect who already replied “unsubscribe”. Genuinely apologize and move on.
  • You botch a discovery call with a promising prospect. Make another 30 dials and you'll find another opportunity.

In contrast, bottom-tier sellers allow mistakes to paralyze them. They become terrified of making future mistakes and will slow their pace down to avoid any & all “unforced errors”.

"Unforced errors" are not a big deal IF you choose to get right back up and keep swinging. Failure is only temporary IF you choose to take action to make things right.

What makes a great salesperson isn’t the lack of mistakes, but rather the resolve to keep getting up. The true enemy in sales isn't messing up, it's stagnation.

If everything is going perfectly and you're making ZERO mistakes, ask yourself...

Are you even pushing the envelope enough?

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