Jason Bay
November 17, 2023

Last week, we talked about how to nail the first 60 seconds of the cold call (where most cold calls fail).

Today’s lesson is all about the hook. This is the middle part of the cold call where you find a compelling reason to spend more time together.

  1. The first 60 seconds: How to succeed where 80%+ of reps fail
  2. The Hook: How to find problems and create urgency
  3. Saying goodbye: How to eliminate no-shows

The Hook: How To Find Problems & Create Urgency

You’ve made it past where most cold calls fail. Now it’s time to “hook” the prospect to create interest and a desire to schedule a meeting.

Your objective: Find a compelling reason to meet.

🟢 Most Ideal: Timing is ideal + Problem you can help with + Interest in meeting

🟡 Moderately Ideal: Problem you can help with + Interest in meeting

🔴 Least Ideal: Interest in meeting

Find Current Solutions + Similar Problems

The best way to find problems is by asking about them. But tread cautiously, no one likes to lower their status by admitting weakness to a complete stranger.

Here’s what you want from the prospect:

⛔️ Admit I have a personal problem

✅ Share a problem I have in common with my peers

This is best accomplished using a technique called question stacking:

[context] + [open-ended question]

Question stacking allows you to demonstrate credibility while making it easier for the prospect to answer your questions.


Prospect: "Well, we're always trying to find a balance with automation. So who are you with again?"

Rep: Again, I'm with ABC Company. We're a CX solution many outdoor ecomm brands use to find a balance between delivering a world-class customer experience - and reducing the cost to serve their customers. Many ecomm leaders are sharing that chatbots oftentimes don't answer questions well, and customers end up calling into customer service anyways. How does that compare to your experience?

See how much context this question provides to the prospect? It’s open-ended but laser-focused.

You’ll know you’re done here when the prospect shares a problem or pain point your solution can help with.

Want to see examples of more good vs. bad questions? And what to do if the prospect starts peppering you with questions?

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- Jason

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