Jason Bay
December 1, 2023

Last week, we talked about the hook, the middle part of the cold call where you find a compelling reason to schedule another meeting. Today’s lesson is all about saying goodbye. You’ll learn how to properly secure the meeting and make sure the prospect shows up.

  1. The first 60 seconds: How to succeed where 80%+ of reps fail
  2. The Hook: How to find problems and create urgency
  3. Saying goodbye: How to eliminate no-shows

Saying goodbye: How to eliminate no-shows

If the call has gotten to this point, the meeting is yours to lose.

Your objective with the close: SET. THE. MEETING.

Summarize + Customer Story

The easiest way to transition into the close is by summarizing what you heard. Then connect it back to a quick customer story.

Rep: "Great, so what I'm hearing is that there's a good portion of your online customers who interact with the chatbot and don't get their questions answered. You're not sure how many, but it's bogging your agents down and driving up the cost to serve. This is exactly what we hear from other retailers like Nordstrom who are using our help to find the exact reasons why customers get stuck and prevent them from calling into the contact center."

See how this rep summarized very clearly what the prospect shared? And then rolled right into their value prop? It’s that simple.

Schedule Meeting

The prospect has shown a willingness to engage. They have similar problems to other customers. And the timing is right. Now it makes sense to meet.

⛔️ Don’t ask if they want to meet

✅ Be assumptive and roll right into scheduling

Rep: "Do you have your calendar handy? The next step is meeting with my AE, Tom, who can show you how we can help with these challenges. What's your schedule looking like tomorrow at 3 PM PT?"

Lastly, don’t walk away without doing a triple confirmation. This nearly guarantees they won’t no-show.

  1. Calendar invite: Get the prospect to accept the calendar invite while you have them live on the call.
    “Alright Katie, I have you down for 2pm PT tomorrow. Can you do me a favor? Can you accept the calendar invite that was just emailed to you? Sometimes these emails end up in the spam folder.”
  2. Agenda: Remind the prospect why you’re talking.
    “I’m really excited to keep the conversation going. We’ll talk about the challenges you mentioned with your team getting bogged down with admin. tasks. We’ll share how similar companies are solving those challenges.”
  3. Confirmation: Let the prospect know you'll be reaching out to confirm the meeting.
    "Lastly, I'll send you a quick text/email the day before your meeting. We'll do a decent amount of prep prior to the meeting. Would you mind responding to that when you get it so we know you're good to go?

Want the complete cold-calling guide? You’ll learn how to:

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  • 5 creative permission-based openers
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  • Eliminating virtually all no-shows

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