The "Webinar" Retirement Home

Welcome to the "Webinar" Retirement Home! These pre-Tactic TV webinars are ecstatic you're here. They lounge in pixelated robes, perform impromptu dances, and tell stories about the times before Tactic TV.

Live Negotiation Role-Play

Learn some negotiation best practices AND watch Nick + Armand negotiate with each other.

Live Calendar Teardown

We’re breaking down the sales calendar of an unstoppable sales machine.

Discovery Part 2: How to Run a Cringe-Free Discovery Call

Learn which questions you should ask - and how to ask them.

Discovery Part 1: How to Nail the First 5 Minutes

Wanna nail your discovery call? You gotta nail the first 5 minutes.

How to Land Big Deals Selling to Enterprise Customers

Cold Calling Clinic Part Two: How to Become an Objection Handling Machine

Cold Calling Clinic Part One: How to Nail the First 60 Seconds

This webinar will teach you what to say - and not say - when you have just one minute to win it.